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Services - Sprinkler Repair/Install

Design, Upgrade & Repair Specialists

For service, repair, or a free estimate on a new sprinkler installation or addition, please call 972-562-8873. We service and repair all brands of landscape lighting and lawn sprinkler controllers.

We have expert licensed irrigators specializing in all areas of repair, trouble-shooting and coverage problems. Longhorn professionals will design a system that will keep your lawn and landscaping properly irrigated throughout the year using the most efficient watering systems. Our designs are for watering lawns and plants, not the road. Design plans from sprinkler manufacturers or local supply stores are optimized to sell you more parts, consequently you'll install too much equipment and waste too much water. Call today to schedule an appointment with our problem solvers.

Water bills too high? Feeling guilty about filling a small lake at the end of the street every time you water? Longhorn can upgrade your system to the latest technologies and most efficient.

Longhorn can install micro spray and drip systems to save you water and target specimen plants such as your prize Japanese maple or your containers and hanging plants. We employ drip and micro spray irrigation usually connected to the main irrigation system and controller. It provides deeper more efficient watering. These are flexible 1/4 inch lines which essentially emit (drip or spray) small amounts of water to saturate the soil.

  • Places water at the root ball where it does the most good
  • Eliminates hose watering
  • Aesthetically very unobtrusive
  • No soil splashed on the patio or walk as when watered with a hose
  • Any planter or special needs specimen plants including hanging planters can be drip irrigated

Water Conservation In The Landscape

As the North Texas dry weather conditions continue, we must all be cognizant of water conservation. Stage 3 drought conditions as defined by the North Texas Municipal Water District are in effect in most cities and stage 4 may follow shortly. Several communities have also passed additional water conservation ordinances requiring homeowners to conserve water and include fines for violations (up to several thousand dollars per occurrence) for wasting water and additional water usage surcharges.

Here are a few tips to reduce your water usage, save you money, and keep your landscape looking good at the same time.

Insure your sprinkler heads are properly adjusted and are not watering the walks, driveways, and streets. A broken head or pipe can waste hundreds of gallons of water even when only operated for a short period. Most heads in a residential landscape are typically operating at 4 to 8 gallons per minute.

Proper spray coverage will allow you to run the system for a shorter period and achieve optimum results.

New sprinkler head technology is available that will reduce fogging or misting which can contribute to about 35% of the water applied being lost to airborne evaporation and drifting. These specially designed heads spray a larger droplet of water under lower pressure eliminating misting, drifting, and providing better water absorption by the soil. These new heads use 60% less water than a conventional spray head.

Entire flowerbeds can be modified to a drip irrigation system, which will save almost 70% of the water used when compared to a conventional spray system. A conventional shrub spray head will put out approximately 240 gallons of water in an hour and cover approximately a 6 ft diameter. A typical drip head would emit one gallons of water per hour and that same area of coverage would require approximately 30 emitters dispensing only 30 gallons of water. A typical 10 X 30 ft flowerbed can be converted inexpensively and save over a thousand gallons of water in an hour. Water is applied at the root ball, under the mulch to help avoid evaporation and slowly saturates the soil.

Most system conversions are very cost effective in terms of the water savings vs. initial investment to convert and that we encourage anyone who is interested to call our office to schedule an appointment so that we may offer a customized proposal to meet their needs. Drip conversion payback cost in water savings can be realized in a matter of months depending upon usage.

Pool and Addition Reroutes

Is a new pool in your future? Before the construction starts, give us a call to cap off your existing system. Once the pool is installed, we can reroute the systems to include the new landscaping around the pool. We also install systems to help you automatically keep the pool water level at the proper height.


Does a good rain storm turn areas of your yard into a bayou swamp? We can correct those areas with a French drain and permeated pipes to move water from those low areas of your yard.


Quality Rainbird systems are installed with separation of shrub beds and lawn. The number of heads used is based on water pressure and state law. There is a three year guarantee on all parts and labor.